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Who we are?

VAYER is a classic design with character and vision!

VAYER is a Swiss brand, established in the Alpine climate. In the inspiring scenery of Helvetian peaks, the company developed world-unique technological solutions, unheard of by other producers. Swiss technologists patented the anti-bacteria layer made of nano silver and Etna heating system – two solutions that cannot be found in the competitors’ offer. Trying to dress the innovativeness in appropriate shape, top technologists and renowned designers combined developed technological solutions with the brand design, symbolized by the VAYER graphic sign.

This unique project was joined by the CENTRUM company, with its 30 years of experience in the industry and a vision of continuous development, appreciated by the Swiss. From several corporations competing for the innovative design, it was the CENTRUM company that was singled out and that became an exclusive owner of the VAYER brand and technological solutions used in its products. We are aware that the trust we have been given obliges us to improve the standard and quality of our products. For our clients we perfect what seems to be perfect already


If you believe that the bathroom is not an ordinary room but a home oasis of comfort, style and relax in which every detail affects the feeling of harmony and luxury, then you don’t have to search any more. VAYER meets the expectations of those busybodies who want to relax in their own SPA at the end of their hectic day.

A relaxed man is a happy man indeed.

After a stressful and exhausting day, there is nothing better than a long, relaxing bath. It is worth making this experience as pleasant as possible.With our Customers in mind, in our collection of VAYER products we combined unusual design, subtle shape and classic lines, shown in a novel way. Thanks to this, VAYER washbasins, baths and shower trays go well with many styles of interior design, bringing a touch of luxury, good taste and modernity to every bathroom.

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