Etna – a volcano of natural warmth!

The Etna patented system

ETNA is an ecological volcano of warmth in your bathroom.

For many people, the most important element of a bathroom is still a bath. Imagine a relaxing bath of your dreams. You submerge in the water, pleasant warmth wraps your body up. What’s more – you can choose the color of water and give yourself a special chromo-therapy. You light a candle, pick your favorite book and forget the everyday life. The bath support gently warms your back, while warm water soothes your senses.

Close Up

This dream becomes reality thanks to the ETNA system used in the baths. It is connected to the central heating system, so the bath can keep the water temperature at the same level for as long as you wish and it is also a bath radiator. This innovative design allows you to take an unlimited hot bath and save water and energy.


Immerse yourself in pure pleasure.

Etna is an innovative system of heating which will change your approach to bathing. Thanks to unique installation of the cords distributing warmth all over its surface, the bath may also serve as a bathroom radiator.

Relax in ecological shape

The Etna system was created with ecology and user’s comfort in mind. The connection of the bath to the central heating system makes long, hot baths environment-friendly. This was achieved through the use of special installation: the heat is directed inside the bath through the cords located in the perimeter of the bath, while the insulation material used in the outer casing prevents loss of heat outside.

The bath heated in this way may also function on your terrace or in your garden in all weather conditions, becoming a thermal spring. All you need to do is to fill the central heating system with non-freezing liquid.